Headaches can be extremely debilitating. Different people can have different reasons why they suffer from headaches. Even symptoms for different categories of headaches vary. It is very important to recognize the headache type and then proceed with treatment accordingly. We help you identify the type of headache and

accordingly get a suitable treatment. Some of the headaches for which we offer treatment are mentioned below.

Types of Headache Pain

Cervicogenic headache: This is a kind of pain that develops in the neck but a person feels that he/she is having a severe headache. It is also referred to as a secondary headache as the headache is caused by an underlying condition such as high blood pressure, infection in the body, neck injury etc.

Stiffness in the neck.
Pain on one side of the face.
Reduction in motion range of neck.
Head pain which is triggered by neck movements.

Occipital headache: This kind of headache primarily occurs due to irritation or inflammation of the occipital nerve. The pain travels along the side of the head and increases when a person moves the neck.

Sharp pain akin to stabbing.

Migraine: Migraine headaches are characterized by throbbing and pounding pain. These headaches can last from a few hours to even a few days.

loss of appetite.
nausea or vomiting.
pain in the stomach.
sensitivity to noise and light.
Throbbing pain in one side of the head.

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